First of all, this sounds like an ad, but for people that don’t know how to start their own websites, it really is useful information. I just wanted to mention that I really like using DreamHost for my website. I get my own domain name, as many e-mail accounts as I want, unlimited hard drive storage, and of course website hosting, and a bunch of other perks, all for $9 a month. It’s also been a launching pad for other websites that I’ve tried starting, I can host other websites with completely different domains for just the cost of the domain registration ($14 a year).

Click on this banner to start setting up your own website, or just to start checking it out. Don’t hesitate, there’s no better way to learn than to just jump in and get started:

The first thing you’ll want to do is read through all of their help documents. They’re all at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Main_Page. Then you’ll end up installing WordPress, and you’ll start writing content! Good luck!